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The Student Services Corner

Welcome to iSchool High - The Woodlands' Student Services Corner

Please email [email protected] for any questions, advising appointments, etc.
Please use this websites to upload:
All LSC/Dual Credit Forms:

Dual Credit Enrollment Information


Required Forms:

1st Time Dual Credit Students Only
  • Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination or Waiver uploaded to (See below for detailed information. More information found at - To bypass the $10 fee from Magnus, please view document below for Conscientious Waiver.
  • FERPA Form
Forms Required Every Semester
  • Blue & Green Forms/Dual Credit Admit with Student information and Student/Parent Signatures (Leave Class information BLANK)
  • Class Selection Form with Class Information - Please fill this out completely.
Important Dates:
Summer 2023 LSC DC Registration
  • Registration is open and forms will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Must follow all rules that can be found on the Summer Course Selection form.
Fall 2023 LSC DC Registration
  • The Fall LSC Catalog will open the week of March 20th.
  • Priority Registration: Course selection forms are due Monday, April 3, 2023.
  • Forms will be accepted until May 15th.
  • Turning in a form does not guarantee a class spot. Students must be on track and on good academic standing.
Spring 2023 Finals
  • May 8-14
Lone Star College Academic Calendar
    • Residency Oath Questionnaire
      • See guide below to update your residency
      • This must be done periodically
    • Transcript Hold
      • Students that have a hold requiring their High School Transcript must send an email to your High School Counselor to remove this hold.
    • Counselor/Advisor Meeting Needed Hold
      • You need to schedule a meeting with your High School Counselor to remove this hold.
How do I drop my class?
  • First, you must schedule an appointment with your High School Counselor. Once approved, you will need to fill out the DC Drop Form under forms. Please make sure to check the dates under your class syllabus. If it is before the "W" Drop Date, you will have a W on your transcript. If it is after the "W" Drop Date, you may get an "I" or "F" in the class.
How do I take Spanish at Lone Star College?
  • After meeting with your High School Counselor, you will be given a testing ticket to take the AVANT test at the Lone Star College Testing Center.
I got a grade "Below C" in my class. What happens now?
  • You will be dropped from your next semester class(es) and have to sit out at least one semester.
  • If you received a "D," you will receive both High School and College credit.
  • If you received an "F," you will not receive any credit.
  • A letter will go out with your next steps, you will need to write an appeal to get back into the Dual Credit program, and we will base our choices on your GPA and current progress in classes.